• Item Number: 181990
  • Product Category: Rearlights

The NAL T21B is an itemization of the NAL T21D operating with batteries. NAL T21B developed for mudguard mounting

Smaller, slimmer, lighter, the NAL T21B is today a perfect rearlight suitable for all kinds of bikes.Its unique design and wide glass provide high visibility on the road. Small-sized but powerful!


LIGHT: 500 meters ‘to be seen’’


Technical specifications

  • AAA *2
  • High Performance 5mm LED *1
  • Mudguard Mounting
  • Rear Fork Mounting
  • StVZO K Approved
  • Item Number: 10
  • Product Category: Rearlights

The NAL T-27D is round design with two Guiding light lines placed at the top of the light, and which give it an innovative and unique look on bicycles.

By using a combination of LED technology and advanced light guidance the T-27D is light completely. As the light guiding is also seen from the side, you are better visible to crossing traffic.


LIGHT: 600 meters ‘to be seen’


Technical specifications

  • 6V/0.6W dynamo
  • 24V/36V/48V for E-bike
  • 4 X 5 mm LED or filament bulb
  • Steady function upon request
  • Plug-in terminal
  • 50-80mm For Mounting
  • K approval
  • Size 122 X 61 X 45mm